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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 13, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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the morning. we hope you'll check in with us right here on monday. until then, have a fantastic weekend, everybody the. good night, america. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> the president celebrated his birthday with a campaign fund-raiser in chicago tonight. oprah jumped out of the cake and then jumped back in. she loves cake. >> james franco. >> looking good. >> good enough for a hot air ball loon, you'll weal see. >> your fly is open. >> sit really? >> and music
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- james franco. kid baseball fans ian and nicholas. and music from coldplay. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very y ce. thank you.
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i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming, thank you for watching, thank you for swatchchg, if people are still doing that, i don't know. i want to start tonight by wishing a happy birthday to our president, barack obama, who, as of midnight, turned 50 today. although republicans in congress are demanding that he cut his age back to 40, so, we'll see. the president celebrated his birthday with a campaign fund-raiser in his hometown of chicago tonight. oprah jumped out of the cake and -- [ laughter ] then jumped back in. she loves cake. the tea party held a protest outside the party, which seems a little out of place. but they really don't like obama. everything he does makes them suspicious. in fact, we've invented a machine here, it's a tea party machine. now, what happens is, we -- we'll take a newspaper article, like, a regular news headline and then we process it through the machine, in the same way
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that tea party members process things, okay? for instance, this story is about obama's birthday. the headline says obama turns 50. i'm going to feed it into the tea party machine. okay. here we go. all right. and it will go through this machine now. and that article that i inserted in here will translate into -- nothing. it -- much like the country, it's not working. all right. so, there we have it. that's the tea party machine. [ applause ] that machine cost us $280,000. it's been interesting to seeee this tea party go from a small group of people most everyone
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thought was crazy to this big group of people most everyone thinks is crazy. they really had an effect on this debt ceiling bill. mainstream conservatives are having a tough time figuring how out to deal with the tea party. because, you can't ignore them. [ bell dinging ] oh, is it working now? mr. rogers trolley coming through? [ applause ] but this tea party, they're a powerful group and now there are subgroups forming within the tea party that you have to keep an eye on, too. >> the debt ceiling deal, the power wielded by the ultraconservative tea party is undeniable. and now, the success of the tea party has spawned another fringe group from within their own ranks. the mr. t party, consisting primarily y a-team enthusiasts mohawk afficionados, and jewelry
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buffs. >> i p py the fool who raises taxes in a down economy, yeah! >> jimmy: that's -- that's the mr. t partrt hey, we got some extra special music for you tonight, unless we screw that up, too. we're loading our entire audience into a bus and bringing everyone to ucla to see coldplay tonight. [ cheers and applause ] you will see them on the air, as well. they have new songs to play for us tonight. let's check in with the band right now live from the ucla tennis center. hello, men. >> hello, jimmy. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: how are you? for those who don'n'know, these guys were the first band ever to play our show back in january of 2003 and you haven't been heard from since. what have you been doing for the last eight and a half years? >> will worked at fedex and the rest of us run a pet shop. >> jimmy: you started the band in college and now you're back in college there at ucla. have you always dreamed of playing on a tennis court? >> always. >> absolutely. >> this and bowling alleys are our specialty.
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>> jimmy: maybe if there's a lull in the show later we can have a quick round of doubles or something. >> jimmy: thanks for coming back, guys. we'll see you in person later on the show. it's coldplay. >> t tnk you, jimmy. >> jimmy: hey, this is exciting. the group that puts on the academy awards, the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences has announced that oprah winfrey will be the recipient of an honorary oscar this year. do people just hananoprah awards any time she walks into a room now? she will receive a humanitarian award. otherwise known as we wanted to have dinner with opoph for no good reason award. so, finally, it's about time oprah got some recognition, she's -- they're giving her an oscar. she's going to display it on her mantnt next to stedman.
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this week on the discovery channel is shark week. shark week is seven days of round-the-clock shows about sharks. and, you know, there's only so much shark programming you can run. but they do a pretty good job of keeping it fresh. in fact, tonight, they had a show that appears to have been torn from the headlines from last week. >> for 224 years, the discovery channel has brought you unparalleled access to the world's greatest predators. now, for the first time ever, caught on film, shark week presents -- "great white gay wedding." join lance bass for the undersea nuptials. the only thing more powerful than their jaws is their love. >> wee! i'm married. >> only on discovery. >> jimmy: i think that's very sweet. [ applause ] on mtv tomorrow, the season four premiere of "jersey shore." for anyone who can't wait, though, i think the national
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geographic has a special on later on tonight about a baboon that tries to mate with a basketball. this year, the group is in italy. the situation from "jersey shore," he just picked up an endorsement deal. he's now the spokesman for a line of tuxedos. for real. because, for a formal event, nothing says classy like the situation. our parking lot security guard, guillermo is actually modeling one of the situation's -- [ applause ] tuxedos right now. it looks good. i can see larry the cable guy weararg that to the golden globes. and by the way, if you are in the kind of shape the situation is in, the cummerbund comes off to reveal -- to prominently display the abdominal muscles. thank you, guillermo. it's always a treat to see your stomach.
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>> thank you. >> jimmy: there's a n n reality show out there on spike, it's called "repo games." the way it works is, when someone is getting their car repossessed, instead of just taking the vehicle, they show up at their house, surprises the honor and lets them answer trivia questions to let them win their car back. i know i should hate it, but i love it. last night, there was a couple named david and melanie. they wept to -- repo games has this impound lot. they went there to try to get their car back. this is before they knew they were on a game show and they were upset about having their car taken from their home. >> can i help you guys? you guys are here for what car? >> it's a' 98 silver honda. >> '98 honda accord. >> look, man -- yes, she got behind, but you know what, that don't give nobody the right to just come like a thief in the night. you jesus? >> it's not --
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>> what? >> jimmy: you don't want to talk to a guy who may or may not be jesus like that. is jesus known for repossessing cars? the host of the show then told the unhappy couple that they were on "repo game" and things went a little bit better. >> what can you do right now to get this brother's woman car from back there and on the road? >> this is what i can do for you guys. i'm the host of "repo games." >> what the hell is "repo games?" >> you guys just walked into a game show. you have to answer three questions correct and i will pay your car off free and clear. >> as long as it ain't no funny [ bleep ]. >> that's all you have to do. >> and i don't kiss no men. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "repo games." not -- what game shows has he been watching? this is pretty funny. this is -- hugh hefner is planking now.
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or at least -- let's pray that he's planking, because -- his girlfriend tweeted it. help, i planked and i can't get up. he's either planking or having sex with the conference table. i'm not sure. the man's insatiable. should 85-year-old people be planking? we should start to referring to death in general as planking. i have some bad news about grandpa. he - -he planked today. wewee got a couple of adorable guests on the show tonight, besides james franco. this happened at a game between the diamondbacks and brewers in phoenix, arizona. a 12-year-old diamondbacks fan caught a game ball and then did a very good deed. >> there's nothing better when you go to the ballpark than to get a souvenir. oh, look at that young brewers fan. wait a minute. he is -- >> no, the diamondback fan got it. oh, he's bummed out. >> are you kidding me, this kid is going to do this? >> that is big time right there. >> oh, my goodness. >> jimmy: that's the boy who taught u uto share, and his
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baseball buddy. both of them are here with us tonight. we have music from coldplay tonight. and we'll be right back with james franco, so stick around. vo: buy a fridge for college. get a free ice tray. or -- buy a pc for college. get a free xbox 360®. get yours at buy a futon for college. get an allen wrench. or -- buy a pc for college. get an xbox 360®. get yours at while supplies last.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. thank you for watching. this might turn out to be the best wednesday night of your life. tonight on the program, in the feel good baseball story of the summer, a kid, he got a ball at an arizona diamondbacks game, he gave it to another kid who was crying nearby and both kids are here with us tonight. ian and nicholas are their names. [ applause ] and then, we're loading the whole audience into a bus and we're heading to ucla. there's a charity benefit for the grammy foundation. we'll kick off our samsung summer krush concert series.
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debuting grand brand new music from coldplay. tomorrow night on the show, jeremy piven, denise richards, todd glas and kenny wayne shepherd will be sitting in with cleto and the cletones. our first guest tonight is an oscar-nominated actor, who, in his spare time, is a college student, soap opera actor, painter and i think qualified infant caregiver. later this week, he moves among the monkeys in the excellentew apes.""rise of the planet of the it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to james franco. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? how's everything? >> everything's good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you know, most of the time, when people come here to the show, we have to kind of
12:18 am
figure out what we're going to talk about with them because they don't have many interesting things going on in their lives. but you always have a million interesting things going on. >> i have a lot of things, yes. >> jimmy: what's going on with you right now? i mean -- you're -- you're -- >> i don't want to name everything because it will sound -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but there are a lot of things. >> i just flew in from detroit. i'm filming a movie about "the wizard of oz" that's a prequel to the classic 1939 film. i'm playing the wizard. i was doing it this morning. >> jimmy: you flew here in the hot air balloon? >> my agency, as a starter production give, gave me a hot air balloon ride. >> jimmy: did th really? >> i have yet to use it. >> jimmy: you have been on one? >> you want to join me? >> jimmy: that would be very romantic for us. >> i was going to say, you're looking good. >> jimmy: yeah, well, maybe good enough for a hot air balloon? we'll see. >> your fly is open. >> jimmy: oh, my -- is it
12:19 am
really? well, it's -- [ cheers and applause ] that was for you. >> i had a great view. >> jimmy: that's my little come on. next thing you know, we're floating through the air together gently. >> i blew it. i blew it. >> jimmy: you'll have another we'll have two segments. [ laughter ] have you ever been in a hot air balloon? because i went once. >> no, no. >> jimmy: i was doing a radio show from the hot air balloon, somebody thought that would be a good idea and i threw up through the whole thing. >> why? is it turbulent? >> jimmy: you think it's going to be very gentle and graceful. no, you're literally in a balloon filled with hot air. and it's dangerous and the top of your head burns if you are above, like, 5'3", because the flame is there. i was vomiting and had a bald d spot when i came down. >> did you have a bag or just over the side? >> jimmy: over the side, yeah, into the town. >> it t t something. >> jimmy: i didn't know i was -- i didn't bring a bag.
12:20 am
i would have, had i known. but i didn't. so maybe not such a great gift. >> maybe i'll give that gift to, give it back. >> jimmy: give that to an extra or something like that. but you -- are you taking summer classes now? are you in school right now as we speak or no? >> no, no. >> jimmy: all right, no summer school for you. but you are still l rrently enrolled in school -- >> i am, yeah, yeah. i have -- another year of classes at the schools i'm in right now. >> jimmy: to get your masters degree. or ph.d? what are -- >> both, yeah. >> jimmy: all right. okay. that's unbelievable. and you -- you taught a class. is it true you taught a class about james franco? >> no. >> jimmy: okay. >> we can get into that if you want. there was a misconception. i did a class here in l.a. i didn't really teach it. my friend is a film teacher at this place called columbia colllle in tarzana. >> jimmy: okay. >> and i thought it would be interesting if -- because, as an actor, you know, i do things like this, you know, go on talk shows, and there's a weird --
12:21 am
there's this kind of weird buffer zone between, like, reality, who i really am, and then the fictional roles i play, right? i'm trying to be as honest as possible, but this is also a contrived situation. >> jimmy: very much so. we built a piece of wood here and we're having a conversation in front of these people. >> and there's a lot of things like that in my life and so over time, if you are in the spotlight or you do press, a certain kind of public persona is generated around you. >> jimmy: right. >> and i thought, well, it will be interesting -- i thought it would be very interesting if i allowed students access to not only all the material that i made in my professional career but personal videos and everything. and they could do whatever they wanted with it. so, it wasn't like, oh, class, you have to study my movies and my life and just to know about me. it was actually a very
12:22 am
vulnerable thing where i said, make of this what you want and hopefully you'll be able to see how these public personas are kind of created, and you can make an alternative one and examine that process. and at the same time, examine yourselves as filmmakers and they filmed themselves doing it. so, that class made a movie out of all that material. >> jimmy: oh. oh really? and you watched the movie? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so, you tricked them into editing your home movies, basically, is what happened. >> it's not a vanity piece, you know what i mean? it's not like, oh, yeah, put that one in. >> jimmy: was there anything in it where you went, oh, boy, wish i hadn't given that to the class. >> there was a lot of stuff they could have used. i'm surprised they didn't put things in there that were quite embarrassing. >> jimmy: they failed in a way. they literally failed james franco. [ laughter ] mom, i f fled franco. i have to -- >> they failed like, tmz, i guess. >> jimmy: i guess. and also, you are going back to "general hospital." when i heard about this, i thought, all right, this is a
12:23 am
guy who maybe watches "general hospital" and likes the show and is going to do a little thing, but you are now in -- you are in very deep with this "general hospital" deal aren't you? >> i am. because it's -- it's a great place. i made friends there. i've been on, i think, three arcs there, two large arcs and a couple of other things. so, i'm very friendly with them and it is an outlet that i love because it's so unique. in a movie, i can't show up on "oz" and say, hey, sam, i got an alternative storyline where, like, we do some crazy things, i'm going to murder some people and then, like, you know, make some art on the show or whatever, like, do crazy storylines because it's a movie and it has a script and everything. but on a soap opera -- >> jimmy: you can do almost anything. >> they have to generate a show every day.
12:24 am
and so, you can just -- they're dying for just new, you know, concepts and new things. and, so, it's a great place to go and collaborate and come up with -- >> jimmy: how long will you be working there? like how many -- you have to go there every day. how long will you do this on "general hospital?" >> well, i don't have the typical soap opera experience because those actors work hard and they go every day and it's a regular kind of thing. when i go on, they just shoot all my stuff in one day. so, i shoot, like, ten episodes worth of material in a day. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> i do like 77 pages. >> jimmy: so you're walking in. do you do that thing where you overhear what's going on in the thing and just as you are walking into the room and suddenly, you know that somebody is out to murder you or cheating on you. you know that thing on soap operas, somebody is always walking in the room and they happen to overhear something?
12:25 am
>> i haven't done that move yet. i've done a few stares. >> jimmy: you have to try that one. >> okay. i'm usually the one that, like, maybe they're overhearing. i always have -- my character has all these plot plans and he is always plotting evil things. >> jimmy: i got you. so you're always up to something good. and that's fun for you, doing that? this is your idea of fun? >> no -- well, yeah. it is fun. but it's part of a bigger thing. we made, you know, it became a part of a show at the museum of contemporary art here in l.a. we're going to do another piece with them. i have big plans for it. and now there's a movie that i've been working on with this great editor, ian olds, based on behind-the-scenenematerial that we're going to now take to sundance next year. >> jimmy: i got you. that's interesting. when we come back, we're going to talk about "rise of the planet of the apes," which i loved, by the way. >> thank you. >> jimmy: james franco is here with us. "rise of the planet of the apes" opens friday. we'll be right back. with james. hello! honey?
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good idea.
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>> you want him to sign? >> just -- handful of things. basic stuff. he completed the lucas tower in 15 moves. perfect score. i maintain my hypothesis that a, the green in his eyes indicates that it was passed from mother to son, and b, that in the absence of damaged cells that need replacing, the drug in his system has radically boosted healthy brain function. and plays chess pretty well. >> jimmy: that's "rise of the planet of the apes," it opens on friday. james franco is here. coldplay still to come. that -- i still don't understand how you guys did that. i really don't, because -- i know cgi and all that stuff, but it is amazing how those chimpanzees can talk and stuff. i mean, it's amazing. >> yeah. well, it wasn't real. >> jimmy: it wasn't real.
12:36 am
so, you did not train the chimps to talk to you. >> no, no. well, we really -- this movie could only have been made, like, today. you couldn't have made it ten years ago. and if you look at the original "planet of the apes" movies, obviously, they cruise -- used actors in masks. so, this was made with andy circus, the incredible performer who did gollum for "lord of the rings." and then "king kong." >> jimmy: okay. >> and then the effects company who did the effects for "lord of the rings" and "avatar" creates the chimpanzees. you think that was all donon a blue screen stage but now they've advanced to the point where -- i'm going to nerd out. they've advanced to the point where we can do it on regular sets. and andy shows up in a gray kind of pajama outfit, with wires all
12:37 am
over it. >> jimmy: is his fly open? >> yeah, he did that at the beginning. again, i missed the -- [ laughter ] and he has a camera on an arm so it captured all his expressions. it's pointed at his face. you think, how can you act with somebody like that? and his behavior is so realistic, you see beyond it, your imagination takes over and it really is acting like with a chimpanzee except he has the best, chimpanzee with the best acting instincts. >> jimmy: and doesn't throw crap at you. >> he did that. >> jimmy: he did do that? he really transformed himself, didn't he? >> that actually happened -- i did a movie called "the ape," the first movie i directed and we did have some ape poo thrown. >> jimmy: i actually looked -- it's something i'm interested in, apes throwing their poo, because it shows me they have a sense of humor, but they really do do it to get a reaction out of you. >> they do do it.
12:38 am
i've seen it at zoos. >> jimmy: i had a teacher who had a brand new dodgers jacket. he showed up at the san diego zoo and he was suddenly covered with crap. >> oh really? they were not dodgers fans. >> jimmy: i guess not. i want to ask you about your art, specifically nonvisible art. >> okay. >> jimmy: okay. i heard that somebody paid you $10,000 for a piece of nonvisible art. >> i wish. >> jimmy: that's not true? >> ah, no. so, i got involved with this project with this group, this couple that call themselves -- praxis. and they wanted me to contribute to their museum of nonvisual art. it's's conceptual museum that has art that you can't see.
12:39 am
on a certain level, headline, oh, franco is scamming them again. >> jimmy: yeah, it sounds like you're a genius, really. >> but there's a history of this kind of f ing. if you buy a sol piece, it will just be plans. it's not like you buy a painting or just like words on a wall. you know what i mean? so, this, you get -- >> jimmy: what? >> you get a description of the piece and then the piece is in your imagination. it sounds crazy, but you know, this kind of conceptual art has been going on for, like, 50 years. so -- >> jimmy: i'm going to get my son a nonvisible car, i think, as a -- look at this beautiful ferrari that i bought for you. and people will pay visible money for the -- because i would say -- >> they have. my pieces go for less than $100. >> jimmy: they do? really. >> i guess somebody paid -- i heard about that, too, on the internet that somebody paid $10,000 for one of my pieces so i checked it out with praxis.
12:40 am
and they said -- oh, no, they didn't pay for your nonexistent piece of work, for someone else's. >> jimmy: someone else's. and you say nonexistent. so, it really doesn't exist -- >> it sounds crazy and you can laugh about it, but there is a history. and that's - -that's what it is, something that is smaller that points to something larger. >> jimmy: that's as conceptual as it gets. and where is this museum? >> it's actually supposed to be on the southern part of manhattan. there were plans to make another guggenheim museum, actually, you know, and they made the plans and everything that's where they decided their nonexistent museum was going to be. >> jimmy: so, the museum isn't there? >> look, i didn't design the thing. i just contributed one piece. >> jimmy: i'd love to own one of those. maybe we'll negotiate. >> not that much. less than $100. >> jimmy: you cut me a deal? >> yeah. get you one for 50. >> jimmy: well, you are operating on a level far beyond mortal man, i have to say.
12:41 am
if yououre selling nothing for even $100, god bless you. >> but there was a a movement tt did it in the '60s. it's not like -- >> jimmy: well, they were scam artists, too. i don't know. it should be called a scam art gallery. well, it's great to see you. it is always interesting t to tk to you. we look forward to seeing you again. "rise of the planet of the apes." thank you very much. it opens friday. we'll be right back. james franco, everybody. thank you very much. back with coldplay. if you don't have an iphone, you don't have facetime on your phone, which makes it this easy to talk face-to-face with another iphone.
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>> jimmy: hi, there. we're back. you know, every once in awhile, you see something that restores your faith in humanknkd, like a youtube clip about a cat and a monkey who are best friends, or this.
12:51 am
>> there's nothing better than when you go to the ballpark than getting a souvenir. oh, look at that young brewers fan. now wait a minute. did he get -- >> the diamondback fan got it. >> are you kidding me, this kid is going to do this? >> that is big time right there. >> jimmy: well, those young men are here with us tonight. please say hello to baseball donor ian mcmillan and recipient nicholas goodfellow. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you got your jerseys and everything. i see you got some signatures on the jersey. >> yep. >> jimmy: now, nicholas, you're not a diamondbacks fan, are you? >> i'm kind of a both. >> jimmy: kind of both. you like the brewers? >> yes. >> jimmy: why do you like the milwaukee brewers? >> because they do spring g training where my grandma lives. >> jimmy: oh, okay. so you get to go see the players
12:52 am
in that area. that's a good reason, i guess. now, you guys, tell us wha happeneded let's go through the tape again, if we could, without the sound. and ian, tell us what was going on here? now, that's rickie weeks. he flips the ball over towards you guys and the ball falls. and then the lady puts it there in your hat, okay. now, you're very excited, obviously. is this the first ball you'd ever caught? >> it's my second. >> jimmy: your second, okay. and then something happens and you see nicholas crying? and you give him the ball. that is -- that is great. nicholas, how did you feel right then? [ applause ] >> i was feeling pretty sad when i dropped it, but when he brang it back, i was happy. >> jimmy: and he's your best friend, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you wrote on the ball? >> ian did. >> jimmy: you did.
12:53 am
oh, ian, you signed the ball? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, that's nice. [ applause ] so, now it's worth nothing. and you guys love to go to the baseball games? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do. that's great. what did you get to do? i heard you got to do cool stuff after the game. when they happened to catch this on camera. >> yeah, we got to go up to the booth and we got to go in the audio room where they do all the audio. >> jimmy: nice. you got to throw out a first pitch. >> yep. >> jimmy: how did it go? >> i threw a strike. >> jimmy: nice. and, you know this is great, because god doesn't necessarily watch over us but he does watch television, so, that's really perfect for you. and you have guys become friends now as a result of this? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you have. okay. that's great. and do you feel like, well, i guess your faith in humanity hasn't been spoiled yet, but -- [ laughter ] have you been to games since then? have you gone to the games at all? >> after the game that i gave
12:54 am
the ball to him? >> jimmy: oh, right. and do people recognize you there? >> well, mark grace. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. mark grace. is he your favorite player? >> well, when he played. >> jimmy: when he played. who is your favorite player now? >> justin upton and miguel montero and miguel cabrera. >> jimmy: did you get to meet them? >> miguel and justin. >> jimmy: good. i was speaking to derek hall, who is the ceo and president of the diamondbacks, and he sent some lovely gifts. he sent some season tickets, four people, for the rest of the games. so, you guys can go to all the games this year. oh, sorry. wait a minute. oh, they labeled them wrong. oh, but your name is on that one. and also, we are inducting you into our little baseball hall of fame here. ian, this is a plaque that we made for you. kid who gave the ball to another
12:55 am
kid. and then, nicholas, we made one for you, also. kid who was given a ball by another kid. there you go. you can hang those in your own homes. and i tell you what. it was really nice. you did a very nice thing and i'm glad all the good things have happened to you as a result. and keep -- good message for children. if you're going to do something nice, try to do it on tv. [ laughter ] ian and nicholas, everybody. we'll be right back with coldplay. mm
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
>> jimmy: well, here we are at ucla to kick off the samsung summer krush concert series. with the song "charlie brown," coldplay! >> thank you, everybody. ♪ >> e erybody ready? ♪ ♪ ooh
12:59 am
♪ ooh ♪ i stole a key took a car downtown where the lost boys meet ♪ ♪ i took a car downtown and took what they offered me to set me free ♪ ♪ i saw the lights go down at the end of the scene ♪ ♪ i saw the lights go down and they're standing in front of me ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh in my scarecrow dreams when they smashed my heart into
1:00 am
smithereens ♪ ♪ i be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete be the cartoon heart ♪ ♪ light a fire light a spark light a fire a flame in my heart ♪ ♪ w wll run wild we'll be glowing in the dark ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ we'll be glowing in the dark ♪ ooh, aah ♪ all the boys all the girls all the madness in the world ♪
1:01 am
♪ all the boys all the girls all the madness that occccs ♪ ♪ all the highs all the lows as the room is spinning ♪ ♪ we'll run right in we'll be glowing in the dark ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, hey you boys! ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ ooh
1:02 am
♪ ooh ♪ we're run wild we'll be glowing in the dark ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you.
1:03 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank james franco, thank ian and nicholas. apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. you can see coldplay i ichicago on friday. playing us off the air with the song "every tear drop is a waterfall," you can see both songs at once again, coldplay! ♪ >> everybody okay in the back of the room? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i turn the e sic up i got my records on i shut the world outside until the lights come on ♪ ♪ maybe the streets alight maybe the trees are gone i feel my heart start beating to my favorite song ♪ ♪ and all the kids they dance all the kids all night ♪ ♪ until monday morning feels another life i turn the music up i'm on a roll this time ♪
1:04 am
♪ and heaven is in sight ♪ ♪ i turn the music up i got my records on ♪ ♪ from underneath the rubble sing a rebel song don't want to ♪ i'd rather be a comma than a full stop maybe i'm in the black maybe i'm on my knees ♪ ♪ maybe i'm in the gap between the two trapezes but my heart is beating and my pulses start ♪ ♪ cathedrals in my heart and we


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